Friday, December 8, 2017

Viernews 3/2

Spanish I
1. Baile Viernes: "Te mueves tu, Se mueven todos" 
Same song as Wednesday only the singers teach you the moves first and then they sing it.
Everyone stand up! :)

2. Vocab on Quizlet: Practice with the flashcards! What does each word mean?

3. Reflexive Verbs: How are the different and how do we change them?
Watch this quick video to 1:55 to review.

The "se" comes off the end and we bring it to the front.
me, te, se, nos, se 

Then take off your -AR or -ER ending and add the correct ending for those verbs.

4. Write a story about any famous person's daily routine using the he/she form. Use lots of details!! Your story should fill up all the lines. Read the instructions & be sure to underline all the reflexive verbs used (you must bring se to front and add the he/she ending) You also should use regular verbs like he ate, or he goes, etc. Tell me what you imagine your person does on a daily basis. Hand in when done.

Monday, August 29, 2016

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School Supplies Needed for Spanish:

Spanish I and II: 3 Ring Binder, Paper, Pencils
Spanish III and IV: 3 Ring Binder, Paper, Pencils, Ear Buds
Spanish OLE (8th grade): 2 Pocket Folder, Pencils